Mansur Miya & His Horse [Cascade Poem]

[An old horse was standing under the shade of a tree in Maidan, Kolkata. He was not tied. An old carriage was standing at a distance–dismantled it was. The noon was late and was of late February. This whole image inspired me to wrote down a poem in Bengali titled Mansur Miyar Ghora–after a name of a Bengali cinema released in 2000. There was a picture I had clicked of the horse, but, I had lost it somehow. ]

The wind is sombre; spring at its fullest.

Every seconds are getting renew with the play of cloud–light and dark.

He throw his leg and neigh; his dense mane flying in air.

The carriage standing afar; seats have gathered holes; cotton and chobra peeping out.

He recollect the days when it was grand and he was handsome. Miya was young.

The wind is sombre; spring at its fullest.

He see around see few grazing and a few attach to carriage, waiting for customers.

He neighs softly to wave off the boredom and start a conversation–to resist remembrance

Every bit is getting renew with the play of cloud-light and dark.

It’s long till that monsoon night; you’re my darling…take care, Mansur Miya had says ‘fore bid.

Then he never come. Come…have your lunch…young new master calling him.

He throw his leg and neighs; his dense mane flying in air.

March, 2012

#Chobra is the dried hard surface of a green coconut especially.

100 Word Wednesday, Week 12 by Bikurgurl


PC Samantha Scholl

dVerse Meeting the Bar: Irony

Featured Image acquired from Flickr


Author: Sangbad

A published poet. Avid Reader. Favorite authors (few) are Satyajit Ray, Saradindu Bandyopadhyay, Bankim Ch. Chatterjee, Jhumpa Lahiri, O. Henry, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, etc. Music lovers. Love to hear Rabrinda Sangeet, Anjan Dutt, Enrique Iglesias, Mozart & Beethoven (though can't say which is who's symphony). Dislike to get clicked. Love to be self (introvert).

34 thoughts on “Mansur Miya & His Horse [Cascade Poem]”

  1. Lovely words … so sad to see the state of the horse in the image you provided. Undernourished and wasting away…so sad, but with a broken cart, I’m sure the owner had difficulties feeding himself. Thank you for adding your lovely poem to the mix this week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

            1. Ah! Signs can be a tricky addition to an image prompt, but they can easily be ignored or revealed as duplicitous. I have every confidence you’re strong voice will shine through. Good Luck!


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