It’s being over 5 months Thoughts of Words is here. It has crossed 300 followers few days ago and now near to 350 followers. It has got over 10,000 hits, lots of Like (may be more than, if accumulated, 1000), Comments and has 295 Posts published. Sometimes got criticized for the English I used and in the way I used. But, all this seems now, today, trivial after learning it has been selected as Featured Participant in National Poem Write Month–

Our featured participant today is Thoughts of Words, where the Kay Ryan prompt resulted in a closely-observed poem about a visiting crow.

The achievement has been achieved for the Day #1 Post Crow. This is first time I have been participating and this seems to be dream that has been achieved without seeing it. Yes, the poet (or author) is elevated but not in state of boasting. Thanks to you all who had read the poem and Like-d it and Comment-ed on it (though there’s one still now). I’ll try to write few more intriguing poems like this, this month for NaPoWriMo 2017. 

Hope to become a few more times Featured Participant in this NaPoWriMo 2017. And will also wait everyday to read others post to learn more and know more. 


Thoughts of Words


30 responses to “Featured…”

  1. Awesome and I see your writing stronger everyday!

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    1. Thank you…it’s due to some of yours continous support like Meenakshi Di, you and few more…


    2. But, what do you think of the poem…I was searching you in the Likes and Comment of the poem…

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