Guest Post #3: You are no God to me…(Chirasree)

It’s Monday. And it’s the day for the Guest Post at Thoughts. So, this week I’ve a letter from a girl to her parents. 

You are no God to me…


Mom & Dad,

You are no God to me. You are just human beings. You made mistakes and at times I thought I hated you; I blamed you for so many things that I have lost count of. 

Mom – you were wrong when you didn’t stand up for me even when you felt you should have; I looked to you for support and you kept mum. I hated it when I cried myself to sleep every night lying next to you in bed, but you kept mum. I still wonder if you understand my silence every time I fall short of words. Aren’t you supposed to…?

Dad – You were wrong when you made fun of me in front of my cousins, friends, relatives. You never fully understood me; you still don’t. I hated it when you doubted my capabilities coz I am a girl; you still do, don’t you? 

You both were wrong when you thought confining me to the four walls of a room would keep me safe from beasts of the outside world.

But today I wonder why I blamed you…why I hated you. Did you two really deserve that after everything you did for me? You know! I know the answer; I thought you were God and God never makes mistakes. Today when I look back on those days, I feel I had asked too much of you. You were two mere human beings who abandoned their own dreams to help me fulfill mine.

Dad – You did a job that maybe you hated, yet never dared to quit, so I could sleep peacefully and dream of my dream job. 

Mom – You are my idol. Someday I would love to become a woman like you. I still don’t know if you understand me, but that’s okay. Do I completely understand you? Definitely not.

You are not God. You are just human beings, who can never be replaced even by God.

                                                                         – From a daughter who asked too much of you.

Author Bio:

Chirasree is a pretty young Bengali lady whose blog name is Sreeblogs. I call her Lady Henry, after O.Henry, because of her short stories that always have a twist that makes me sit for a while to understand what happened in the story, at the end. She has been here for not a month and has and have been garnering attention for her short stories. 

I’m a sort of voracious blog reader–some of you may know that already as I regularly comment on your posts which I like most. So, this Guest Post will be the post which I’ll find need more to read. I’ll ask your permission beforehand. And you’re permitted to do changes and suggest me how to post it before I post it. 

If you want your post to be my Guest Post, you can pingback me or left a link to this week Guest Post or you can do both. I’ll definitely read it and if I like the post it will be posted. 

Waiting to read more interesting posts from you all.

Happy Reading.


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