Mango (Haiku)


early April young morn

mango swing in wind cuckoo

hop for the taste test

A-Z Challenge: C for Cuckoo

16 responses to “Mango (Haiku)”

  1. What an imaginary! You took readers in mango garden with your words! 🙂


    1. Thanks Di…actually the tree is in my neighbor and the event happened there…

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        1. yes…there’s also a Neem tree…on which I had wrote a poem few days back…if you had missed then read it…

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  2. Love that mango image, and great words to go with it.


    1. Thanks for coming by and reading my poem…and reviewing it…

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  3. Nice poem, short and sweet.

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  4. Nice poem. Amer din to ashe gelo 🙂


    1. Ha…amer din ese galo


    1. Think of the Cuckoo…the desperation…I feel sad for it…

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      1. Yeah but we should always see the positive side of everything. 🙂


        1. yes…that’s true dear…I haven’t think of that…I wrote this after seeing the madness of the cuckoo waltzing in getting a particular mango whereas there were many…

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          1. She would have loved it’s texture maybe. 🤔


            1. She only knows that very well…I was enjoying the moment Cuckoo’s Advocate…a smiley…

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