Neem, My Neighbor


It’s a real beauty

to see my neighbor

decorated in

all new green

in the young

yellow light.

She danced

her hands


a susurration,


inaudible by feature,


close eyes


a deep breath

made audible

the pale soft rhythm,

(the breeze was the messenger).

A couple of crows

who has built their home

on her

is her closest.

One, or both,

of them,


with her


the covert agenda of

keeping at bay

the cuckoo

who spy on them,

to get a chance

to lay her egg(s)

in their nest.

The stray dog,

pet of the tea shop owner,

is also her friend.

In ‘noon when

the sun will tilt

a little from mid,

she’ll drop one or two

or few

leaves on it,

who then will be

taking a nap

in her shade,

and will sigh for



in coloring

the brown spotted dog


It’s a serene


to see

my neighbor,

the Neem tree,

decorated in

all new green

in the young


of early April


The just awaken



their tranquility

looking at her;

the drowsy soul

feel a force

making him




I’m only stopping here for a little while.

Don’t be afraid.


The last two lines are quoted from Mary Oliver’s Banyan, the poem which inspired this poem of mine. 

The lines and words are decorated in a pattern similar to leaves of Neem.


National Poetry Write Month Day#5: Natural World (honoring Mary Oliver and her poems).

23 thoughts on “Neem, My Neighbor

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  1. Beautifully penned. I liked it more because Neem is also there in my garden…most of the birds come and perch down there. They like the tree very much…. you can find various pictures of neem tree and leaves on my blog … 🙂


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