The Pack (Micro-Fiction)


He ends watering the Cynthia; the dew is still fresh on the blades of the grasses and the tender petals of just-bloom roses are still wet; the morning is still holding the serenity of a typical December morning; a cold though warm breeze coming from the sea. Suddenly, he heard a soft zoom; at first it is inaudible but the effect of humming can be felt; he wrinkle his eyes to look at the young oranged blue sky. A military fighter plane appears; follow by another and then another and then a pack–whoosed over his head blowing his cap away. 

[Wrote in Historical Present Tense]

Inspired by the Pearl Harbor Attack (7th December, 1941) & Posted for the Three Line Tales, Week#61


Featured Image procured from CNN


7 responses to “The Pack (Micro-Fiction)”

  1. Amazing. How do you manage to pour this huge amount of awesomeness in a short span of time? 😊


    1. a thinking smiley…just let the thoughts flow…

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  2. Besh onyorokom laglo…:)


    1. Thanks Lady Henry…try korlam anya rokom howar…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you always try different things/topics/way of writing. That’s good 🙂


        1. I bow down for these kind words…yes I like to experiment with styles as well as thoughts when it comes to writing…

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