Two (Cinquain): Champion

My first attempt at Cinquain. Comments and reviews are welcome.




against odds with

a smile holding virtues

make one a champion of all

out there




virtuous honest

trying falling rising

never giving up confidence


From Poet’s Desk:

A Cinquain is a five-lined one stanza poem usually unrhythmic and consisting of 22 syllables (2-4-6-8-2). It was developed by Adelaide Crapsey. The first one written in the form developed by her.

The second one has been written as teachers often write to teach grammar to children. This one has the same syllabic structure with a format:

Line 1: Noun
Line 2: Description of Noun (2 vivid Adjectives describing the Noun)
Line 3: Action (“ing” suffixed action Verbs describing the Noun)
Line 4: Feeling or Effect (phrase that captures the feel or effect of the Noun)
Line 5: Synonym of the initial Noun

Sources: Wikipedia, Shadow Poetry & WriteShop

Daily Prompt: Champion (Victor, Winner)

By Sangbad

A poet, an author, a reviewer--in one word I'm a literaturist (means one who is trying almost everything that Literature is made of). My books are available at Amazon. I'm a Bengali, born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal.


  1. Yours Super great, mine, the guideline for the traditional basically the same, the modern with a slight difference. So what do you think of mine? I will be posting them crediting you for the inspiration.
    The modern cinquain is based on a word count of words of a certain type.

    Line 1 has one word (the title).
    Line 2 has two words that describe the title.
    Line 3 has three words that tell the action.
    Line 4 has four words that express the feeling
    Line 5 has one word which recalls the title.

    The traditional cinquain is based on a syllable count. Twenty-Two syllables in the following pattern (2-4-6-8-2) The traditional cinquain is based on a syllable count. It has five lines, and often, one word in the first line, two words in the second line etc.

    line 1 – 2 syllables
    line 2 – 4 syllables
    line 3 – 6 syllables
    line 4 – 8 syllables
    line 5 – 2 syllables

    Modern Cinquain
    the winner
    world title fight
    both humbled and honoured

    Traditional Cinquain
    gold medallist
    world boxing title fight
    the peoples world best champion



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