Silence of Yours (Sonnet)

#First time tried a Shakespearean or English Sonnet. Please feel free to Comment and let me know your reviews and comments. 

Can we stop the hands and hold the moment,

The moment that we are in now together.

Let aside the silence, cause of torment,

Let, start with the name before words farther.

Say, let me hear the rhythm of your voice,

Soul wishes the bliss of listening, say.

You, be anonymous, speak your choice.

Let the lips, that are shining in sun, say.

The blank between us, rule by silence,

Need to be move, by knowing more of you.

The silence now becoming a penance.

Ride will conclude in next minutes, few,

Is this silence is a start of a tale,

The whispered breeze on which our words will sale.


Daily (Off) Prompt: Outlier

A-Z Challenge Day#7: G for Girl

Being inspired by Prakash Hegade (Its PH) of using daily an idiom and writing a 8-line poem on that, I decided to do something like that. So, I selected the various Forms of Poem.

Today I chose to share a Shakespearean or English Sonnet.


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