don’t know

whether I’ll be able

to learn the name of this moment.

The weak light from west forming a pattern

The lattice is the sculptor for this abstract drawing.

The wind that meant to soothe me is breathless and silent

The ants have assemble in a clutter; they’ll soon form a queue to me

I lay. Let my body relax and my breath to be relaxed

The cleft is getting narrower as time

cheat me being insidious

Death is simple

I know



Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #149

A-Z Challenge Day#8: H

Today tried a Structural Poem.

Featured Image: Death of Casagemas by Pablo Picasso

11 responses to “Penultimate”

  1. You write so much and so often
    How you manage to devote this much time to blogging
    What do you do professionally and nothing to keep you engaged personally?

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    1. By Profession I’ve a job-Shift One…reach day-target before time and then write…at home time distri

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    2. At home time distributed between reading and writing–both blog and my novel…besides this I use the Mobile App…so sometimes I use that…and also the schedule option most of the time…

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  2. Consider me impressed!


    1. ☺ Thank you…its my pleasure…

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