Prey: Confession of a Hunter (Nocturna)


His breath is falling on me abruptly;

His movements are gentle like breeze of spring;

His fingers touching tender parts sharply.

I crave him, from the evening, for the night.

There will be no such thing, what you call string

Between us. His soft moan giving me flight;

His touch, his pushing making me feel light.

Urge needs attentions which he fulfilling.

Am a hunter, he is my loot tonight.


Nocturna is a type of 9-line poems with rhyme scheme: a b a c b c d b d. The theme of this poem is Night Theme and it should be either Decasyllabic or Iambic Pentameter. I’ve written the poem following the Decasyllabic norm.

National Poetry Writing Month Day#9: Nine-Line Poem (Nocturna)

10 responses to “Prey: Confession of a Hunter (Nocturna)”

    1. Thank you for coming by and reading and reviewing my verse…

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      1. Welcome Sangbad. Have a nice day.


        1. Wish you too have a nice day

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  1. Woow! it’s no doubt one of your best poems…loved it


    1. 😊 dhanyabaad Lady Henry

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      1. :D…you’re welcome

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    1. Yes…the form (9-line) along with the genre (erotic) need this, I think…


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