Iztiraar (Ghazal)

An interesting prompt it is. Ghazal. I, being, an avid listener to Ghazals of Mirza Ghalib sung by maestros like Ghaulam Ali, Jagjit Singh and more had tried few in Bengali mainly, but, never in English. So, here’s an octet as an attempt. 

The word “Iztiraar“, in title, is an Urdu word meaning “Restlessness” in English


Darling, don’t expel me from your bosom, on night like this.

Darling, don’t lorn me to find path to home on night like this.


The lips, that say words, sing songs like the prayer at break of dawn,

That are vials of nectar, don’t let them remain parched on night like this.


The hair that you have set free, now straying in this night serene breeze,

And are touching your waist, let, me get lost in that on night like this.


The eyes, the deep brown hazelnut ones, grazing at the full yellowish moon,

Allow me to kiss them and close them in the fulfilment of our love on night like this.


National Poetry Writing Month Day#13: Ghazal

Please, forgive me if I committed any mistake and it’ll be grateful if you point out that.