Two (Haiku/Senryu): Rainbow & Gust


move of sun prompt

clouds paint colors on sky

blue in mood in shade



evening cloudy wind

still mountain cold gust timely 

pleasure though freezing


Daily Prompt: Timely

5 responses to “Two (Haiku/Senryu): Rainbow & Gust”

  1. Great feeling of seasons Sangbad and a serene and warm picture of a wonderful Haiku.

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  2. such a lovely feeling of different temperatures! thanks for the feedback on the sonnet, will improve and get it right – you are always an amazing friend Sangbad!


    1. not to mention LoveDust…tried a GHazal today…have a read…I am eager to know your loving comment…

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      1. ghazal! wow thats super cool. send me the link Mr Beautiful


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