Three (“Metro” Haiku/Senryu): Breath, Roar & Blink


morn breath wet sultry

jezebel woke up last night

signs engraved on her



black clouds roar spring eve

turns early night white horse neighs at

horizon sharply



moon rising above

neon sky silver star blink

in smokey blue sky




Daily Prompt: Climbing

9 responses to “Three (“Metro” Haiku/Senryu): Breath, Roar & Blink”

  1. Bhalo hoecheπŸ‘

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  2. wow! A dark one from you is a rarity but its good.


    1. Yup after long tried dark…though my last few are darker…but this one,yes, is darkest of all..

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      1. Why the sudden interest in dark poetry?


        1. I started my blog to write dark poem/poetry…my first one here in WP was a death poem…I think Dark brings out the features that can define a person…
          If you get a chance go through my last few poems…you will find few more poem/poetry like this…

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          1. Oh! I didn’t know this. Yes I’ll definitely check them out. Thanks for letting me know


            1. ☺ will wait for your reviews…recent ones are collected in NaPoWriMo section in Challenges tab

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              1. Ok. Thanks for the heads up πŸ™‚

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