Eyes were still heavy with dreams; the morning was half illuminated–

sun will rise w’in a few bits. My first cigarette of the day turned bitter, though,

freshly lightened as I saw you. There was a smile and silence ‘ween us. So many

things I want to share; so many words my craving soul yearned to be spoken

but nothing came out. The silence, the unsaid are our destiny I presume as my

soul still carry the burden of the haunted past depicted through my eyes

and you, pretty lady, could read that with your gifted womans’ extra sense.

chance what I had asked for. You still haven’t responded. But, it does not

hurt, you know, it’s may be the craving to be with s’one has washed away or it

may be the demeanour of my soul, who has turned it face away from all these

things, all these ties with names as relation, love, trust, confession…

so I’ll not ask you one more time…take it as a statement from mine. I’ll wait 

for your sayings, for your decision. Till then let the unsaid, silence speak…


Shorthand Used: W’in: Within; S’one: Someone

The poem is somewhere between being Angsty Love Poem and Sad Love Poem.


22 thoughts on “Unsaid”

  1. Let the past go or else it will impact the present making her silence longer than usual and making everything lost in smoke
    Let assurance of companionship silence the murmurs of doubt
    She might also be stuck with the baggage of past
    Pull yourself up and pull her out
    Enjoyed reading it !!


    1. She is not taking notice of me anymore…and I am sort of not bother…don’t know why…regarding past they remain with us always…I have let it go…but sometimes and often it haunts and that’s all…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Fill in the present with some company or some hobby or passion to stay positively engaged and past will fade away. Out of sight and out of mind. It’s easy to fool our brain and wire it to let go if we want to.


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