A Verselet f’m O’Point


I seard him on my freday

The voice was soevy 

The tone was hitane

 I was, at fi’ays, frired

But his florilegium of con’vise

Make me his fallower

Tern’ars now ‘m still

H’s n’ne b’ur bander

Tiflow loosened the bond

But still he

R’in by si’ne

Curding while con’vising.


The Title:

Verselet=Rare form of the word poem

f’m=Abbreviation for from

O’Point= Abbreviation for observe point. This can be considered as the synonym for the word watchtower

The Poem:

seard-=See+Heard, meaning getting acquaintance by voice before seeing

freday=Fresh+Day, meaning the first day; fresh is an informal term for first something like new member known as fresher

soevy=Soft+Heavy, meaning the voice soft but heavy at the same time


fi’ays=Abrreviated “first few days”

frired=Fright+Scared; it is also an amalgamated mockery word to the corporate words fired and fried.

florilegium=a rare term for collection

con’vise=Consult+Advising; abbreviating and joining the both almost synonymical words

fallower=Fan+Follower; another mockery word on the follower who is also a die-hard fan

Tern’ars=Tern+Years; Tern is the rare form of the word three

‘m=Abbreviating I am

n’ne=Abbreviating no one

 b’ur=Abbreviating but our

bander=Archaic word of leader

Tiflow=TIme+Flow; giving the term flow of time a new term

R’in=Abbreviating remain

si’ne=Abbreviating the term side of mine


National Poetry Writing Month Day#18: A poem that Incorporates Neologisms.

In daily life, we use many neologism words–some define, some are self-made. This occurs mostly when we describe a person or a situation. So for today’s darenge (Dare+Challenge), I came up with describing my Boss.



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