An April Afternoon(Micro Haibun)

I’m at office in artificial coolness provided by the air conditioner. The weather outside is hot. But. there’s a difference. I went out for a smoke and–

wind hurled suddenly

empty scrape of waste leaves dust

fly sunny noon turn windy

19th April, 2017

9 responses to “An April Afternoon(Micro Haibun)”

  1. Bhalo laglo… Natural is always better than artificial


    1. hmm…dupure ja hawa dichilo…

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  2. Nice way of putting it Sangbad. A great Haiku.


    1. Actually its Haibun…Haiku with prose…

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      1. K cause I thought it is Haiku. Thanks.


  3. I love the way you describe the situations. 🙂 Amazing. 🙂


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