It’s (a) Georgic Poem?

The first thing first all say. So let me say you all–

I’m not a gardener, not a farmer but a poet.

I want to write that challenge me, my thoughts.

But, this georgic…I can’t get it…how can I…

I have no interest in gardening or farming

I am interested in writing and only writing.

I can grow a tree, you know, though, on a second thought. 

The leaves of it are made of alphabets;

Veins of each leave are words form with them.

The branches are the string of words–not sentence–

Sentence needs a discipline and these words queue 

Needs to learn the discipline to be sentenced, not some runaways.

Sentences are the flower the tree, I’m growing, abode to. 

I can grow a tree, you know, though, on a third thought. 

I had, once, sowed some seeds into soil wet from monsoon rain.

A sparrow was having its eyes on me. So it dug it up and fly away. 

I had to saw it standing at a distance, from my window,

I was ill that time after getting drench in the monsoon rain.

One day, few days passed, I found the sparrow dead. 

Our gardener made that spot its undercroft. 

Now, there stands a tall tree with sparrow in its soul–

Words are it leaves, sentences are the flower…

It chirps when the wind is a breeze. 

You see, I’m not a gardener, not a farmer but a poet.

National Poetry Writing Month Day#22: A Georgic Poem 

Today the prompt is a tricky one and challenging one. Georgic. I can opt for off-prompt (and I had does that I think), but, as I had said in the poem as a poet I like a challenge so I go for the prompt. 

Now, this is not a Georgic but still, I’m calling it Georgic because the purpose of the poem how to take care of the agricultural process attract me and I used the outcome i.e. the tree.

This is a metamorphic poem where the thoughts are eaten up by sparrow i.e. that is past and its associate (depression, frustration, etc). The haunting get overcome when it buried under the things we like, for instance, here the poet started writing and thus buried the past and grows a tree which bears flower (sentences) and came out as chirp forming a song (poem) and spread it for others to listen (read)


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