28th Day (My NaPoWriMo ’17 Journey)


Start with a crow,

Don’t raise your brow.

Featured for it,

Bull’s eye hit.

Now twenty-eighth day,

Produce so many hay.

Two days left,

Little energy kept.

Happy to learn; 

Knowledge a lot earn.

Thanks to all

Who read my poems all;

Who had commented on

And had a conversation then on.

Rhyme do not come easily

So I will stop, when it’s early.

Before I go, want to say a thing

Will be back for twenty eighteen.


National Poetry Writing Month Day#28: A poem using Skeltonic Verse


33 responses to “28th Day (My NaPoWriMo ’17 Journey)”

  1. Congratulations for this beautiful journey here Sangbad! It seems I know you from ages not just 6 months 🙂


    1. I also often think this…long way to go Di I feel…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for being such a regular visitor! I’ll miss you when this month is over 🙂 Let’s have fun these last days, before we go into poetry rehab.


    1. We both following each other so we will catch on each other…so no missing at all Angela…😀


      1. Exactly! I do spend a lot less time on WordPress after NaPoWriMo, but I always love to return to blogs I used to read on a daily basis, even when it’s a year later sometimes. I plan to make it sooner this time though, I hope my energy level will let me.


        1. Oh okay…still lets hope for the best..


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