Sabishii [Troiku]

The sleigh [Tan Taigi (Translation by Keisen)]

Looking back;
Now each other
Being in the snow

Horse 1

looking back

the old days are broken frames

infested treasure

Horse 2

now each other

walked away silence is path end

mist wish encounter 

Horse 3

being in the snow

love is saved a secret cave

ice flakes covered path 

Sabishii means lonely, lonesome, desolate, solitary

Troiku is a Haiku form created back in 2012 by Chèvrefeuille. To know more click.

Featured image is of Tan Taigi procure from Blogspot.

Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille (04/26/2017)


14 thoughts on “Sabishii [Troiku]”

    1. Thank you Sir…it is my pleasure you love it…I am a Haiku enthusiastic…if you can please check my Haiku section in my blog…I think you will love few more of my Haiku…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I should really ware my glasses all the time, yours are perfect, all mine are just that, mine, not as Chèvrefeuille suggested. I will however have another look at all of mine and see if I can make them right. I am truly grateful Sangbad, and just a tad embarrassed ☺


          1. When you say my way, if you are referring to my first attempt, I am not sure that under the rules they qualify as troiku, as the sledge, (troika) was not carried through to the horses. The ‘Crows Charge’ troiku I have corrected to follow Chèvrefeuille guidelines, albeit using my own haiku as the sledge, as in using the lines to start each horse. Anyway I have to go and review your horror haiku, muh ahhh!


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