My Fellow Blogger Friends,

The last month April has drained me out literary. 


So, I’m going on a sabbatical for few weeks from writing from today (2nd May, 2017). So, there will be fewer posts–one or two or none. I’ll attempt if I feel the Daily Prompt only because today what Thoughts is, is for this Prompt mainly. 


Here are upcoming features that Thoughts of Words will feature after I return:


Monday: Guest Post [I’ll post today’s post tomorrow because I haven’t been able to decide which one should be posted]

Tuesday: Conversation [essays on life and topics I want to speak on]

Wednesday: Novella Eve.

Now, Captive is being posted on Second and Fourth Wednesday of the month.

It will join with another new novella whose working title right now is After So Many Marriages…

This will be an out and out romantic novella–first time I’m going to attempt. It’ll be posted First and Third Wednesday of the month. 

Thursday: Repeat of Once last week episode

Friday: Let’s Talk…[essays on writing technique mainly]

Saturday: New episode of Once.

This will be followed by my poems and attempt to Prompt. 


There will be also a special featurette on my journey of National Poem Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). It will be 6-parts travelogue with some Unpublished and Extended Poems after I return.

Keep on writing because I’ll be there in your Like and Comment Box. And also if you miss my writings then skim my Thoughts, you may find something that you’ve missed.


Thoughts of Words


39 responses to “Break…”

  1. Enjoy! Come back rejuvenated 🙂


    1. Trying for success…☺

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Enjoy your break. I’ve just returned from one!


    1. Kothae r parchi…daily 1 ki 2 post korei phelchi…😀

      Liked by 1 person

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