Guest Post #4: No Mas, Keep Calm & Carry On and Few More Poems (Cherry)

After a month break I am back with the Monday Guest Post. Today is Tuesday though, but, this week post just left me puzzled. Last 3 times it was an essay each week. This week I had to select poems from a beautiful and talented blogger friend of mine who goes by name Cherry and whose blog name is Rainbow

She is a dedicated Daily Prompt attemptor. Her poem I love to read because of the style, which I have already named Cherry-Style, she writes. Another factor is her depiction of daily life–her and around. So here’s 7 of her poems that I chose to reflect her personality as poetess. And I will request you all to visit her blog to get more surprise through her writings. Please pay a visit to her and I guaranteed, you’ll like her writings. 

Please pay a visit to her and I guaranteed, you’ll like her writings. And don’t forget to comment on this post. The poetess herself will reply to you.

The Chick That Won’t Chicken Out

Lemme be specific,
I like it,
That you stand by me.
I like it,
That you have been training a dragon.
I like it,
That you are, what I can never be.

I like it,
That your intentions were pure,
Your love was that of a child,
That you chose to stand by,
You trusted me, not the world,
You are mine, just mine.

I love it,
That you respect others,
Help the underprivileged,
Understand that I am different,
Let me do stuff, which you won’t do.

I love it,
That you make me stay.
Lemme tell you,
I am here to stay.
If we work in synergy,
We can live upside down,
The two parts of different worlds,
Which if stick together,
Can defy gravity,
And own the crown.

I am the chick,
That won’t chicken out.
Committed to my shepherd,
The dog that won’t betray,
I will protect you,
And scare the wolves away.

I have never been waiting,
For the prince in shining armor,
On a horse, to sweep my feet away.
I have been the warrior princess,
That chose to stay.

7th January 2017

To My Soul Mothe

I cling on to you,
I will always be,
Your baby monkey.
I don’t know about,
Soul sister or soul mate,
All I know is my soul mother.

Life is a bumpy ride,
But when a baby have you,
To look up to,
Even the toughest mountain,
Become a low-speed breaker.

My highs and my lows,
You are someone,
Whom I have celebrated with,
Laughed with,
Crib about stuff,
Cry about stuff,
Fight about stuff,
Yet I fall back into your lap,
And sleep like a baby.

I never needed alarm clocks,
You called me daily to wake me up,
For office and for visiting relatives.
I am an eternal late comer,
But I am your baby.

You gave me your soul,
A shoulder to cry on,
A hug to calm me down,
A hug to greet me,
A hug to cheer me up,
A piece of mind,
When I needed some.

My BFF would be an understatement,
Friends came and left,
People came and left,
But you are in me,
How could I leave myself?

People don’t get it,
When I talk to you rudely,
Or share stuff with you,
That they don’t share,
With their mothers.

I have heard people,
Telling me,
That’s not how you talk,
To your mother,
I never would.

But they will never get it,
They don’t have,
What I have,
They won’t get how it works,
Between the two of us.

I owe my soul and heart to you,
You name a thing,
And I will give myself away,
To get it for you.

You are a fighter,
With tolerance to withstand,
A Trouble kid like me.
Who times and again,
Turns up to you and say,
Oops, I fell.

I said it time and again,
And a hug was what I got,
I might not have made you proud,
Till now maybe.
But your puppy will shine mommy.

11th January 2017

The Thief That Got Looted

I was trying to tame the beast,
It was sleeping inside.
He came from nowhere,
He picked up a stick,
Fallen from the tree,
We used to climb together.

He made a circle around me,
I didn’t know back then,
What the circle signified,
I played inside,
I had peace,
Even with solitude.

But then I grew up,
And I realized,
The boundaries were,
Set for me,
While he could throw,
As many sticks, anywhere,
The boundaries were,
Set for me.

While he was excused,
From poking sticks,
In my eyes,
As I grew up the boundaries,
Became more visible.

The shrubs grew into trees,
I started counting the trees,
There were many,
Then I counted the stars,
There were very few.

I thought my life was plundered,
I was assured,
It was just an assumption,
I was secure inside.

As I grew up further,
Autumn came,
I realized these are the trees,
I used to climb once,
Those trees were comforting,
I climbed up.

Outside it was beautiful,
Stars were many,
And the moon looked Beautiful,
through the Water in my eyes.
The circle became my cave.

28th December 2016

Keep Calm And Carry On

A fancy word used and abused,
By those who can afford it.
Live life of a struggler,
Which we all do,
At one point in time,
Or the other.

Be abused and keep calm,
Keep calm and carry on,
Be abused again and try,
Breathing exercises.
Be abused and eat like crazy.

Be abused and drink it,
Like a cat,
Watch out for anyone,
And everyone,
Coming with a stick,
Or shouting at you.

Be alert,
For anyone staring at you.
Be alert,
For anyone talking about you.
Be alert,
For someone passing by you.
Be alert,
For someone reaching out for you.

Calm down,
Men are like that.
Calm down,
Indian men are like that.
Calm down,
Men with power are like that.
Calm down.

Here take a shot,
Listen to the music,
Dance to yo yo honey Singh,
Loosen up.


Be alert, someone,
Might touch you,
Be alert,
Someone can do,
Dirty talk to you.
Be alert,
If it’s a crowded area.
Be alert,
If it’s night or dusk.
Be alert,
If you are dressed,
Be alert,
If your brother or father,
Are not with you.
Be alert,
If you aren’t a big gun.
Be alert,
If you are talked or mocked at,
Mob and character matters.

But do yoga,
Go for a walk,
Keep calm,
And carry on.

22nd December 2016

Those Days Of The Month

I am a human,
Who’s expected to be,
Happy and pleasant always.
But I am just a human,
With little control over,
Situations, people’s behaviour
and my mood,
I get cranky many a times,
When on Monday morning,
I have to wake up at 6 am,
To do household chores and,
Reach office by 9 am.
When I reach at 9.05 am,
Get those judgemental looks,
And half day is deducted.
When it’s hot and humid in July,
And I have to work in kitchen,
For longer duration or have to be,
Out in the sun for long.
When I am hungry for long,
When I am trying to do something,
But nothing works out.
When my mother in law,
Treats me bad and I,
Can’t do anything,
Because of her age and status.
When my boss,
Looks at my third button,
For more than half a minute,
While talking to me,
And yet stays unapologetic.
As opposed to what,
Men think about women,
It’s not just,
Those days of the month.

16th April 2017

That Fixed Gaze

Your fingers Jiggle,
To write a story on my,
You make your words,
Come to life,
And make me shiver,
And move with delight.

I can’t see what you carve,
On me,
But these whispers in my ears,
Are not alien to me.
Either I am an extension of you,
Or maybe you are,
An extension of me.

But this is language,
Is talking to me and,
I can’t figure out,
Whether it’s you or me.

Don’t draw circles on my arm,
Don’t kiss me as if it was the first and last,
Don’t hold me that close to your breath,
Don’t tell me that you need me,
Don’t look into my eyes to hypnotize,
Don’t make me go weak in my knees,
Don’t tell me I am the lost story you found once,
Don’t whisper your dreams in my ears,
Let me go and don’t make me stay.

27th February 2017

No Mas

Knackered by the continuous search,
She gave up searching,
To catch a breath.

She looked at his favorite bread,
And wondered if,
He had something to eat,
His memories kept on,
Playing on repeat.
She finally sat on the sofa,
And he squeaked,
And she thought how prominent,
Are his memories,
His sound looks real,
His smell is still there,
And then he squeaked again,
Stuck between the two mountains.
He couldn’t shout,
A squeak was all,
He could let out.
Then she released a,
Fart of exhaustion,
And he was almost,
Near to death by gas leaked,
At the bottom.

He shouted his last bark,
No mas (no more),
And she felt him close,
She knelt to see,
If he is below the sofa,
And as she bent,
He jumped out and,
Found a new life.
He couldn’t walk straight,
Till one week after explosion,
Of that dynamite,
But he learned his lesson,
And never sat on her furniture again,
That rug on floor,
Was his pal for life.
As for her, she couldn’t be happier,
For her coco was alive.

28th April 2017


Author Bio:

Nothing much known of her. She let her poem speaks. So copying her bio in her own word which is also a quirky and fun to read one:

She was chasing happiness, 💫💫💫but then she stopped, 💫💫💫and chose to be happy instead.💫💫💫 She was a rainbow chasing colours 💫💫💫She was a corporate horse💫💫💫 let loose by her choice 💫💫💫She travelled light💫💫💫 no friends and no foes.💫💫💫She believes in caring for people who care about her.💫💫💫She connects to disconnect with herself 💫💫💫


I’m a sort of voracious blog reader–some of you may know that already as I regularly comment on your posts which I like most. So, this Guest Post will be the post which I’ll find need more to read. I’ll ask your permission beforehand. And you’re permitted to do changes and suggest me how to post it before I post it. 

If you want your post to be my Guest Post, you can pingback me or left a link to this week Guest Post or you can do both. I’ll definitely read it and if I like the post it will be posted. 

Waiting to read more interesting posts from you all.

Happy Reading.

27 thoughts on “Guest Post #4: No Mas, Keep Calm & Carry On and Few More Poems (Cherry)

  1. I read this post again today and thanks so much for doing it for me. Your site is very organized and it was easy to find it, good job at that too. Though it’s been eight months and I have said it already but yet I will say it again, showing so much love without even me asking for it makes me feel so happy. Have a great 2018 ahead !!


  2. Oh wow Sangbad
    There’s lot of love and goodness in this post that makes me feel so special. I am actually falling short of words to express my gratitude for this amazing guest post. I feel like a star being talked about in this way. Thanks a tonne buddy for so much of love. I am your fan for life and I love the way your expressed your fondness for my blog. It’s such an aww post 😍🙂💕
    Lots of love and regards


    1. Not to mention…I found your poems are not getting the attention…so I tried to boost that…hope it will be work…by the way I feel like an editor…so many beautiful and good posts and had to select few…

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Great!!
              I never reread my poems but when I get likes or comments I read them again and I read many today and loved it so thanks for making me revisit my posts


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