Just a Poem…Musing…Rambling…Whatever It Is…



Want to write something on Star Wars today as it is Star Wars Day & am a big fan of the series but instead wrote this one on my cell phone using the app…

It is one of those evening

When mind is vacant, empty

And there’s nothing on writing.

Mind, thoughts, soul–all are erratic

Mood…don’t ask, please, about it.

The moon is on sky, crescent,color silverish

Mixing with hallogen forming yellowish grayish

On the wall of dark room of mine.

The May breeze is hunting bounty

The curtains of my room is paying them

They are acting very much randy

With the breeze they has are creating…mayhem

They are splashing on my feet,

Like waves of the sea does,

Wall as beach, drawing pattern of knit

Of my southern window grill thus–

Making me ruminate,

Making me feel abandoned.

Sometimes Easy Path Is Preferable

Dropping the rhyme now to conclude

I don’t want to write this poem

I  should be on a hibernation

Keeping aside all, but, not “writing”

Is what make me lorn as I feel

So written one, one of the worst I’ve wrote.

Let me share a secret with you all

‘fore I stop this musing poem of mine

Missing a Daily Prompt leave me

In state of panick of

If you all forget me


#Randy is used in archaic Scottish form which means rude, aggressive.


Cannot resist to use these images (few though) from my collection


22 thoughts on “Just a Poem…Musing…Rambling…Whatever It Is…”

  1. Misa love Star Wars too and Jar Jar Binks (if you really like Star Wars you know what ‘misa’ means)… And that poem is very touching. But might I give. you an advice? If missing one daily prompt or a daily writing challenge sets you on edge, then you’re not going about this blogging thing right. You come first. Then your writing and then your blog AND THEN your readers. It’s not the other way round. Have faith in your readers. They will be there even if you’re gone for weeks. Your strong content keeps them coming back for more, not your consistency necessarily.


    1. I know…so Misa is name of your daughter? Thanks for the advice…your appreciative words boost me up…now I can relax back but after few promised posts…by Sunday am kapoot for few weeks…

      Liked by 1 person

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