A Sepia Colored Inked Poem

shall I write it or not

if I write what’ll be the words

the dark room that I’m now in

seems to be echoing your memories


I want to use some harsh words

I want to let my feelings be river

but is there any gain,

is there a reward


move on saying is easy

but is it so easy to just move on

silence enjoy these moments you know

it is the border line ‘ween desperation

to do some foolishness &

 living life fullest


I do not get it 

why sometimes I write

thinking of you ’cause all have ended

once holds our story;

now also hold it

but in two sections–you & me

Yours a colorful one, mine sepia


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sepia aha ……………. I think it’s time to add some bright colours to it. Good one.


    1. sangbad says:

      yup…but move on saying is easy but not as I said…this poem you can consider as follow up to my poem August/ An End of a Story…

      Liked by 1 person

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