Song of Pages & a Coffer

come my dear friend, sit beside me.

no it is not another poem am going to read to you

no it is not another poem of mine am going to ask you read

hush…listen to the blank of this night…to-night

last train had left the junction…

the plastic, paper scrapes flying in the air…

the banyan tree leaves rubbing each other

creating the melodious psithurism with other trees…and nocturnal noises…

hush…listen, now, the serene calm tone of pages

that am tearing from my diary…my manuscript…

no one read them is a lie…few read them…

few…promised reader fail the promise…

all are busy not I ’cause am just a poet…

just a friend…knocking…screaming…read…

read my poem…please…read…read…

but this should stop…all…all are trash

you want to leave…you are angry at me…

am not going to hold back…you

you shall better leave…if she…if you…want to read my poems

search the coffer…that I’ll take with me…

don’t burn me…bury me…with the manuscripts…with the diaries…



16 thoughts on “Song of Pages & a Coffer

  1. This was intriguing, plausible and quite the poetry I seek! You just earned a follower bud 🙂 Effortless pieces of expression… feel free to drop by mine!


  2. the poet always tortured, I can relate Sangbad, sometimes we want to write but afraid our words will be misunderstood, why cant people see that the words help us to heal and not hurt others, you give a really amazing look into the poets gentle heart that only bleeds love!


    1. Besides this many a times when we ask someone to read and comment on a poem they just shut the door by saying will or later…but, they never does…I mixed this both and wrote that poem…and now am cleaning my Following list by removing a lot who never paid a heed to my posts but want attention to their posts…soon will post on this matter…

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      1. I totally gey that…if I read I like and try to comment and give feedback. I understand we all have busy lives but as a community of writers we must support each other. you are a lovely soul that does that! helpful kind and generous…..dont change! be true to who you are let the rest be. link me anything you want feed back on I will respond.


          1. we will always find good people Sangbad, takes time but we will, because we like to help too. you have a very pure soul. I always feel i get sincerity from you, thats what I appreciate the most!


  3. U might succeed in burning the pages… But not the words or the emotions… It will flow… Raw and true… You can bury them too, but it will grow… As flowers and trees… As life itself….

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