When Silence Sing (With my “LoveDust” Gina Gallyot)


Last day, Gina wrote a few lines poem named “Halt”. I was thinking to have the sabbatical leave I had planned. But, the words cause a magic and I wrote down few lines as a poem in her comment box. Then another blogger friend of her asks if we can continue this. She asked and I accept and a love poem was written. 


the stammer


your words

I hover over

words of yours unspoken

will it be of love or not

hover over me

feel the heat rise

and love is a mist

over the forest floor


listen to the whisper

of the love unfurling

completing the


against my hair, you speak
your words tumble
but seep into my soul
and settle deep
we become complete

Like the moon

on the fortnight

like the rain

after the storm


let the words

tumble into

the incompleteness

tumble on me
slide over
and cover me
with the sweetness
of the storm
that raged before
now a distant
and the moon will
hide us
keep us
and complete us

no more words

no more

let the silence

sprinkled with our love

sing it song


no more words…

8th May 2017


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