The Mirage of Believes

After reading this many thoughts will cross the mind I assume. If it happen then do share. Don’t hesitate. Am open to all sorts of discussion even criticization.

I’m the thief waiting to steal the lighting from thunder

Am not full; am starving; but will not die of hunger.

Like others you’re laughing I know it well

But am giving it a damn to your thoughts under the veil.


The maze all we living in with believe strong

That can shook the stoned pure stone throne

Is reflection mere, a mirage and nothing else;

Every thing will torn apart like stormfaced ship sails.

We’re actually puppets to lore, to elders teachings.

We’re actually living as per protocol of living.

We think much say less shout more

We doubt our self deep in our core

Giving birth to incomplete stories of love

And surpassing the labor scream by chanting in name of the love;

Churning out the anger to feel superior–

Queer struggle is this we participate in of calling other inferior.

We all are in the maze of like that in Goblet of Fire

Run; chase; survive; if you fail you’ll be on fire.



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