The night knows the secrets of loneliness.

When the moon shines high in full with marks

And the city tries to sleep, tossing and turning

The darkest corner of the soul get out of the coffer.


The pillows that suppose to get wet by sweat, get wet by tears instead.

The breeze of late night that is calm & soothing

Brings these tears out, washing away the strength accumulated

Proving the vulnerablity factor; rinsing out the lament of soul.


The memories that had been buried or was left back–

To gather moss, dirt, cob webs glow like candle in dark.

The silence of night is painful in those moments

And except few everyone just spit on this making jokes or mocking.


No one knows turning on which side makes you fall  asleep.

No one knows what lies behind the eyes of yours.


But, still life goes on; hands of clocks move on; pages of calendar change.

The few things that remain true are the questions unanswered,–

The unspoken conversations and the mundanecity of life.


The night conceal lots of secrets of lonely souls.

So, when it touches you, darling, on some random dark blue sky night–

Know that the person you had loved is searching soulmate a new–

To forget you; to let you go from his mind for the ever…


27 responses to “Saudade”

  1. Tweeted it on my Twitter account!


    1. Its an honor Di…by the way you have Twitter account…will find you out…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have never read such beautifully painful poem. Your best so far and one of my favorite! Going to save it to read again and again!


    1. Thanks Di…am going to read the poem now because I still have not read the poem…

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  3. A impetuous combination of words scattered in poems.


    1. Thank you amar kobita pore comment korar janya…amak follow korar janyao thanks…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure sangbad.


        1. Majhe majhe pore dkho amar lekha…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Obishoi..seta abar bolar kotha.Good writing always finds its audience.


            1. ☺yup…thik…


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