The Strings of Puppet

during birth, new born cry everyone smile

during death, death smile everyone cry.

comedy of life all call it,

I call it beauty of life.

during marriage, she cried everyone smiled

during night, she moaned he laugh.

fullfilment of love all call it,

I call it enslavement.

how beautiful the string of life pull by time

(Almighty many may says not time)

making us dance on the stages

design by moments

a group smile, a group cry

a group booh, a group yeah

a group laugh, a group growl

a group wrinkle nose, a group spit on it…

but at the end they just mixed up

to write the comedy.



I was suppose to be hiatus, but, sometimes what we want or desire can not be achieve. This poem I’m dedicating to Meenakshi Di to whom I had confess the self-impose hiatus and she doesn’t reply because she knows I cannot remain without writing a day. Thanks Di for believing in me and pushing me.

Another reason to write this poem is an event that disturbed me. I will talk on it later because it is an issue that I think I shall speak on.

Feel free to comment.


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