Café Chats 5/20: Welcome to the Café

Earned a mention in fellow blogger’s blog…Thanks to all my friends and Sailorpoet for reading and liking my poems…special thanks to two ladies–Meenakshi Di and Gina….

Stephen Fuller

The past few weeks have wrapped me up in reinvention and had me contemplating balance, meaning, and health. I do not want to get ahead of my Week in Review, but do want to talk for a bit about the value of community for writers. Recently, I joined three other writers here in Singapore to reboot a dormant poetry group, The Twilight Poets. The meetings have been energizing for me, a chance to meet young writers and talk about writing, what we are writing and why. A mutual support society, in a way. I have been blogging, now, for about 4 months or so and what brings me back week in and week out is the community of writers I have met here and am meeting. My own ambition gets the best of me from time to time, but the past couple of weeks in tactical retreat gave me the…

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3 thoughts on “Café Chats 5/20: Welcome to the Café

    1. Am writing less this day…one or two…so yes it is a type of comeback…thanks for the kind words of yours…hope you’re liking my poems because am accessing my blog from my cell phone and it causing a restriction on my access…

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