Duet with Gina Gallyot: Whispers from Eeshan Kone & Unspoken Splendor

A pair of Duet written with my dear blogger friend Gina Gallyot aka Stardust. Thanks to her for giving me the chance. She has recently published a book name Sweet Whispers. Have a read of her loving beautiful poems.

Let me know your review on these duets and also visit Gina’s blog because you may find few more poems that you’ll like.

Whispers from Eeshan Kone


know my love for you
is strong
is real
even in the silence,
in the times
you can’t speak
I hear you
I know you hurt
no words needed,
just come to me
will you let me
comfort you?

If I say don’t comfort me
I do not want your warmth
I want you to sit beside me
And listen with me the breeze
Will you still be with me?

yes I will
for your heart
is a precious thing
I will sit beside you
feel the breeze
feel you breathe
if you let me

Close your eyes then
Let the zone of time be abstract
Let the hands of clocks stop at this moment
Come, sit and let us listen
the whisper of the season
mine is Summer, yours may be Spring
But let them be not a matter…

and I surrender
to the seasons
before us
among us
between us
the seasons don’t matter
when love is stronger
by the hour
we are together

Love is what we have
Love what will we have
To create a moment
To create a memory
Can you hold my hand
To know is it a journey or not…

your hand in mine
holding my heart
as I hold yours
if this is love
yes we will call it love
the moment is ours
we share it
but I want it more
than just a memory
the hand the heart
its real
it’s a journey
we take together

Clouds have gathered at eeshan kone
the period between the early noon and late cloudy morn
sending a cloud to you
hold it to your heart
because it has touched me
before going to you
sweet whisper of my love
you will hear
as it rumbles…

11th May 2017

Unspoken Splendour

quietitude of this dawn

frees the words unspoken

I lay them on your lips

my lips cracked

dry heat murmurs

touch burns the cuts

let my touch of lips

be the remedy for those cuts

let this early morning be a monsoon one

windows closed, rain splashed on glasses

opaque glass mirrors me

the hurts your lips touch

bring relief so gently

your strength fills me,

can I bear this much?

envelope me to your bosom

and feel the rhythm of our breaths

do not think much

let the moment entwined with–

our desire compose this morning

breathe against me

my soul seeks your heat

in tandem, we rise and fall

my breast echoes your heartbeat

Want to hear the beat

let me be there

on your breast

and in the quiet of 

this early morning

we rest and satiate

in the splendor of

unspoken love…

20th May 2017

20 thoughts on “Duet with Gina Gallyot: Whispers from Eeshan Kone & Unspoken Splendor

      1. Well, I can attest to the spirit and beauty of Gina, for sure. However, Sangbad, do not cut yourself short. Your words share a beauty we all need to read and speak from a kind heart more of us should know. Your soul sparkles as much in the night as hers, my friend, truly.


          1. Generosity is easy with you inspired words. I hope you are welcomed to the cafe! Perhaps I will see if I can get Chuck to spend time with your writing in June for a backcatablog….


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