A Summer Soft Morning Page

the morning has been long ago here

it is Sunday, so, calm & compose posit in environ.

the curtain of my southern windows playing waves

splashing on my face–bare no spectacles

and the wind flowing on my chest.

no complain,

no sadness,

no blue or jarred feelings.

softness of summer morning sun spread in the azure sky

the clouded sky from last night was a dream it seems.

the wall is chiarascuro beach for the curtains

getting a different shades of the sky everytime on it.

aloofness I felt in the air as I look at the mirror at my feet.

the waves of curtain, the reshading of the wall (and also me)

the vacant space around me; I close my eyes to feel–

this ‘ween everything & nothing–moment of creation.

no words,

no thoughts,

no non-blank page…



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