Followers Against Followers

The following poem was written out of annoyance, disturbance. Last day, 22nd May 2017, there was a protest gathering or gherao against ruling goverment of West Bengal. The pictures and reports I saw & read this morning in the daily brings out these lines distasting my morning tea…

the sweeper had swept the road last evening, this morning

still there lies torned chappal, shell of gas bomb, bricks, broken sticks, poles.

Kolkata has woken up shedding off the drowsiness.

the khaki performers who perform yesterday gallantly

now sleeping or has a day off or may be still in hangover

their 36 inch chest boasting in pride following the ‘orders’

run…hit…run…blow…blood spilling…head splash…shuorer ba—…hit…

bravo…you fought bravely…what a feat you had shown…

the supporters, the followers are leaders looking at or after you

as you moan in pain; scream in agony chanting God’s names

when they chasing you to beat you or when they strike on that stitched wound

anyone came to rescue you–silly I’m…’my life primary’ the principle shall be follow

do you know the objective or reason for this gherao

to usurp the queen, to dissolute the ruling goverment–what was the reason…

the leaders, your fellow anonymous friend-in-war…who will remember you…

world has seen lots of gherao, protest; many had died earning ‘martyr’ prefix

I’ll not go into any hassle but a question why discussion overthrown…

history you may read to me, but, Queen once you were one of them



13 thoughts on “Followers Against Followers”

  1. The pain is quite visible, yes we the normal, regular citizens of our beloved cities, states, country get traumatized by all this melo-dramatic political drama… but as they say – it’s all fair in LOVE & WAR – whose Love & whose War I ask myself all the time.
    I loved your last line – “history you may read to me, but, Queen once you were one of them…”


    1. Yes…what you said right & I had wrote from that feelings as well as point of view…re: last line it is adress to my state CM…this was suppose to be the opening line but I pushed it to be the last line

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