A 1/2 Dozen More 6-Words Stories

coming close longest journey ever taken


take care…story of forgetting commenced


sun rise…end and beginning of trip…


silence…a brilliant way to escape…


traveller…a dead person…searching soul…


I shall go…right…au revoir…



10 responses to “A 1/2 Dozen More 6-Words Stories”

  1. […] “I shall go…right…au revoir…” Then she remembered why this time, unlike every other time before,  it couldn’t be just au revoir. Old habits die hard. […]

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  2. I like these. You get the story across even though you use so few words.


    1. Thanks Jane…my pleasure you like them…

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  3. Loved them all❤ ,especially the last one.
    I’ve always wanted to do this. A 6 word story challenge….
    But it’s so challenging!!


    1. ☺ yes it is…but try till you succeed…

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  4. Beautiful stories 🙂


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