Bond the Third: An Ode to Sir Roger Moore

The clock says quarter past one.

The summer midnight stuffed

No wind no air no breeze

Still news fly fast anyhow.

The news ticker is the messanger.

Bond the Third no more…

You were never my favorite Bond

Sean Connery follow by Daniel Craig are…

But, the aura you infused let me watch you

With mouth wide opened–

Be it Octopussy or be it Holmes…

Rest in peace all will say

I will say, spread your aura wherever you are…

It was 01:10 PM IST when I receive the newsRoger Moore Passed Away. I write down these few lines as an ode to him.


3 responses to “Bond the Third: An Ode to Sir Roger Moore”

  1. darun hoeche lekhata


  2. RIP Roger Moore!

    Liked by 1 person

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