The Beat of Thoughts

Shall I write one plus poem on the silence of the night…

Shall I write one plus poem remembering you, Rupai…

Life is all about taking decision & move on

The thinking, the scrutiny, the what could be dones–

Keep safe in laughter, satisfaction of new life underneath.

They are use for some random moment to make us sombre–

Seldom making us laugh or chuckle out of the blue.

The southern window of mine postcard picture of wet night sky

Radite with stars in just cleared sky; the petrichor breeze

Asking me, begging me to write, to type; brontide joined it…

May-evening-rain drenched Kolkata getting dried up…meanwhile…

The wet odor of urban life finding some pleasantry

Through jotting down the beat of thoughts in words



Author: Sangbad

A published poet. Avid Reader. Favorite authors (few) are Satyajit Ray, Saradindu Bandyopadhyay, Bankim Ch. Chatterjee, Jhumpa Lahiri, O. Henry, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, etc. Music lovers. Love to hear Rabrinda Sangeet, Anjan Dutt, Enrique Iglesias, Mozart & Beethoven (though can't say which is who's symphony). Dislike to get clicked. Love to be self (introvert).

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