Badtameez/ Little Suleiman

Little Suleiman draw what he see–flowers, bees, sun

Little Suleiman draw of an imaginary shaks also

Bearded, red eye with a gun–he knows it’s AK-47

That day Little Suleiman draw what moallem asked them to draw–

Daily lifeyour neighborhoodyour familyanything

He draw…he show…the hand that used to pat him on back slapped him…

Little Suleiman draw what he see–uniformed men, tank, her little sister

Little Suleiman draw an imaginary world where he & little Noor are together

Noor, his little sister, has turn ten last week; he had saw her on niqaah last

The hand that embrace him, comfort him on that occassion few months ago

Embrace him but to throw him in the store, in the dark.

Little Suleiman draw in moonlight the rats, the sacks with charcoal.

The collage of his drawing silvery slitted image of what he saw

Is fodder for rats. Little Suleiman look at it…his abba, the red eyed bearded–

With gun pointed at the pir…he was a maulabi Little Suleiman know…



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