Silvered Memory

The full moon light making all white

The neon-halogen light street exception.

An aeroplane roared through summer sky

Amongst the twinkling dotted stars.

Long ago, decades ago, once evening

Tresspassed as the plane went far.

A tiled roof house; a decayed balcony;

Air smelled of jaba, nayantara, tulsi, mango

Air resonating names of Krishna, 108.

Breeze smelled of incense sticks;

Breeze conveying buzz of mosquitoes.

A lamp lightened thakur ghar;

An emergency light lightened room.

Dida in her early sixties looking godly.

I’m angry on you not ’cause of you’ve left me

But, for gifting me so many assurances, so many promises.

They’re crowding me, my solitary, Rupai…

They’re not letting me miss my Dida.

I’ll not ask why you didn’t give me time…

I’ll ask why you free me from my darkness…

Picture Courtesy: Closed Windows by the poet.


27 thoughts on “Silvered Memory”

  1. This is beautiful. ♡
    You used the words Thakur ghar and dida, which makes me ask you, are you from Bengal, India ? Because those words are very frequently used here.


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