Monday Gu(e)st: S II: 5. The Clingy Period-Asiya

30 thoughts on “Monday Gu(e)st: S II: 5. The Clingy Period-Asiya”

  1. she wrote an interesting account – I enjoyed her writing style – I am now trying to recall if my kids were that way but that was so long ago. Thank you for highlighting this writer Sangbad!

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      1. Thank you for your lovely writing! It was very honest, funny and entertaining. sadly I was not a very present mother so my kids grew up very independent. I am blessed today that they do not hold any grudges against me. I did plot escape plans but never from them, rather from me. But I enjoyed your writing style very much. you write with a lot of expression.

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  2. This was too good a read! And I know EXACTLY how she feels because I have one at home who makes me feel the same at least half of the time. Scarfing down food in the bathroom…. Yep that sounds like a mom.

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        1. Haha well you gotta do what you gotta do. I play hide and seek and eat sweets under the table ..haha.. one of these days he will figure it out and ima need to find a new hiding place! Worth it for a moment of peace lol!

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