Opening the Windows

I open the windows, one after one, of my room this evening

The June air filled in up the room as I went on; the curtains stirred up

As a baby will after a nap and the breeze brush me as the smile of the baby.

City orchestra waved on my just awake mind beach like call of gulls

Siesta still has it shadow over the vale of the loanly soul.

Suddenly, all of sudden, I feel free, I feel light

I feel I’m not for any one; a gust passed mocking me

Alone, lorn I feel in my room, in my city Kolkata.

I sat down by the southern window, the last one,

After opening it & removing the heavy curtain.


23 responses to “Opening the Windows”

  1. Imaginative words!!❤

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  2. Welcome back to the land of the living. I hope you had a lovely nap. 💖

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      1. Aw, only sort of, huh? 😦 boo hiss boo….

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        1. A sleep disorder person never get satiated…

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  3. Beautiful! ☺👌

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    1. Thank you my friend…

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      1. Always welcome! 😊

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  4. There is a meditative feel to this poem… wonderful!

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    1. Just put down the thoughts as I felt it after siesta today…and still havent read it myself…😊

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  5. Someone’s back from the break with a bang!! Haha…you DO admire your home city a lot, don’t you?!?

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    1. I haven’t gone anywhere☺…writing less these days bas aur kya…yes I love my home city very much…

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        1. Read my other recents…and am going to catch up on the series of yours soon…

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          1. Series is over. No pressure. You can read it whenever you have time! I will definitely go through your other posts. 😇😇

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            1. Yes I know it…will wait for your visit…☺

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