Few kilometers afar from the city I’m standing

East ray touch first, west ray touch late.

Two falgun ago you’ve come to live here

Last bhadro you’ve left for the palace, all say.

The sign of your time are here & there,

Like the books in the shelve, 

Like the shirts in the wardrobe

Like the tulsi-mancha gathering cob web.

The elders from the village come to curse me;

Come to say how gorgeous I was, how playful I was.

Now the wind howl through the walls & reverbreted around;

A spirit born out of the time roam around

Sometimes singing song or reciting lament

Sometimes decorating the echo with words.

Not far from the city I struggle to stand against the storms.

Butterflies, nightingles come sometimes for some days.

They went away listening to the howl of emptiness–

Or to their beloved abode where they actually reside.

A pillar or two…a wall or two…have broken

But, am still standing, waiting

For your return, that’s never going to happen

(Though, you’ve promised one like many other promises).

Falgun is Bengali 11th month from mid-February to mid-March generally and cover the young Spring

Bhadro is Bengali 5th month from mid-July to mid-August generally and cover the heavy Monsoon

Tulsi-mancha is a prayer place form centred around a tulsi tree and can be found in old Bengali houses mostly


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