Whisper of Pictures (A Father’s Day Poem)

Who is this…is it me…
Yes silly…it is you…
How happy I was…see…
Yes, you were…
But, I’ve doubt…it is not me…
You’re a silly boy you know…
I heard the whisper,
As I leaf over
The old album old page…
Another one–
Unrevealing the another picture–
Of me and my Father…
Sepia by age…
Not hazy like my memories…


Previously Posted in the Friday Guest Post: The Finale (06/09/2017) by Pradita Kapahi.



38 thoughts on “Whisper of Pictures (A Father’s Day Poem)

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  1. That’s how dads are in our memories. It hurts when time play its role and change the scenes. Witnessing them go weak and get defeated by time is really painful. Still he is my strength!


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