One Saturday

One Saturday


Pearl D’Costa sit down at her table to count the cash. It’s Saturday and she keeps her Diner open thirty minutes past the eleven o’clock–Pearl’s Half Hour Saturday Special her beloved and regular customers named it. But, she cannot count the cash. Her mind is vagabond from the morning after she saw the morning paper. Restaurant Baron Mr. John Samsa in the city. She had calculated and have re-calculated the years after he has returned–twenty years. A narrow but heavy voice startled her; she got up and peeped out of the kitchen. In his unique “Samsa” manner, he places the order to her daughter, halloa missus, one Pearl Zinger Alley. Before she moved out and hide their eyes met. He has kept her promise.


I had written this 125-words story a few days ago. And then Wednesday came up and my dear friend Bikurgirl’s prompt came up. I had not written for her for last few weeks, maybe a month. So, when she express she hope I’ll join her this week  (Week#23) I told her, I might join her with a story I’m writing. I changed the names of the character and the Diner and few things to match her prompt.



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