October, 1954 & 1849

The pleasant odor of Puja is there in the air

Calcutta is not ready to shake of that.

The autumn evening ascending slowly

As the poet returning from his walk.

The tram honk loudly but he is deaf.

October got meddle in another death

Again after hundred five years.

In Baltimore, hundred five year ago

Another poet had died reason unknown.

In Calcutta, everyone says poet was lost in thoughts

In America, everyone though lost in reasonings.


On 3rd October, 1849 Edgar Allan Poe was found in delirius condition. He died after four days.

On 14th October, 1954 Bengali poet Jibanananda Das was hit by a tram. He died after eight days.

The poem is written in historical present and thus Calcutta was used not rechristened name Kolkata