He’s standing high with hand held high

Every one bow to show they respect him

Some lie down to their face on their bosom to show–

They are believer & surrendering them to his foot.

So, you’re believer from core of your heart

You can also recite some mantra in low tone–

To save self from shame of incorrect pronounciation.

But, tell me when time will come or need–

To remember what his teachings will you cringe or–

Will you held your head high braving the heat…

Will you select mantra over raw enthuasistic speech…

Will you select sword to guard not to kill

Will you select colt to save or to assassinate…


5 responses to “Believer”

    1. Thanks…☺is not it the truth…


  1. Seriously, it’s a completely different perspective in which you have thought. Needless to say, you have a wonderful way of expression.


    1. Isn’t it the true scenario…

      Liked by 1 person

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