Monday Gu(e)st: S II: 7. Oh My God, Just Look at Her–The Flittering Soul

The Monday is here so the blue. Before welcoming the guest to-eve, I want to promote a thing. From this month I’ve partnered with Sheetal Bharadwaj in co-hosting her Fortnight Friday Fables. This fortnight fable we both going to host alternatively. So, this week it is me. Check the rules and my challenge and participate in it if you can.

So, here’s go self-bantering. Now welcome the guest of honor. She writes daily life in the wittiest way most of the times and also stories in the same manner. You’ll laugh (or love) first then will think over her writing. She weaves simple words so beautifully that praise sometimes run short. Like a few days back, in one of her post, she was hungry very much and was out to shopping with her Ma. So, she described the situation like this “… it was 5 pm and I started threatening my mom that I would eat her…” (Bread, Not Bucks–06/21/2017)

Please welcome The Flittering Soul

Oh My God, Just Look at Her–The Flittering Soul

As I mentioned in my post, She is a Revelation, my friends & I spent most of our teenage days perfecting the art of ogling guys. Comments like “Look at his hair!“,”Wearing black made him look tons cooler!” would quite often be followed by, “Look away, look away, he has seen us.”

However, this ship took a drastic change in course over the years. Now I’m so much more interested in observing the ladies (Answer to your question: No, I am not lesbian.) But honestly, it’s far more interesting. Many of my friends have agreed to this and will nod along as they read this. So would my seventeen-year-old cousin!

Comparing our flaws with theirs, ‘oooh’ing and ‘aaah’ing at their perfect face, skin, figure or even lack of it is a favorite past time for most. All of this is purely for fun. I am not judging or pointing out the ‘right’ size or figure. All that varies from one mind to another and we are made to look gorgeous at any size. Let’s all take a moment to thank heavens for apps like B612, Candy Camera and so on.

Envying their wardrobe and the panache with which they carry the attire can make us go wide-eyed, mouths hanging open. Hunting for similar clothes online, waiting for their delivery and our trials are an entirely different story in itself. Let’s take the mandatory selfie of the face & neck portion of the new attire rather than the full appearance, shall we? Post it with #ootd and we are done!

We certainly go gaga over any female with hair that’s straight out of the Head & Shoulders advertisement. We try swishing ours left to right too, but it makes people around swerve to avoid it. So we stop. We are better off with ponytails!

A bunch of girls sitting together, jobless, observing the female population is as bad as a bunch of guys, even though, we didn’t intend to stare and make the clothes fall off on its own, hoot or wolf whistle. Our eyes fall directly on areas which we don’t like in ourselves! Comparison charts, graphs, and analytical tables crop up in our heads almost immediately.

See, it’s so much more interesting to observe (ogle) and stalk women than men! 

Author Bio:

Nothing much known of her only that she is getting married next month. I often think how will she write that period in her simple wittiest manner.

Give a visit to her blog and you’ll feel happy and flittering like her.

I’m a sort of voracious blog reader–some of you may know that already as I regularly comment on your posts which I like most. So, this Guest Post will be the post which I’ll find need more to read. I’ll ask your permission beforehand. And you’re permitted to do changes and suggest me how to post it before I post it.

If you want your post to be my Guest Post, you can pingback me or left a link to this week Guest Post or you can do both. I’ll definitely read it and if I like the post it will be posted.

Waiting to read more interesting posts from you all.

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A poet, an author, a reviewer--in one word I'm a literaturist (means one who is trying almost everything that Literature is made of). My books are available at Amazon. I'm a Bengali, born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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