The Brawl at Saloon

The hair has grown long I need a cut

So I went to my old acquintance saloon

To check the queue, the crowd ’cause it Sunday.

It was empty, but, I had no money

So I kept my queue and return home.

When I goes back there was a boy before me and an old man before that.

I played Angry Birds, smoke one cigarette, read and comment on few blogs.

The old man turn came, he was before me.

After his turn it was mine so my barber beckon me.

But, the boy shouted and said it is unethical.

Being a gentleman I leave my turn but he was not satiated.

He said the barber he had wait for one & half a hour

So, he should be prioritized not some one else–

The tone he used was rough & harsh.

Dilipda, the barber, a soft spoken man, tries to come in term

But it was too late because trigger was off and I shout at the boy

Hey mister check your tone, check your comment

I had been before you and though I let you sit in the seat

So enjoy your time and have your hair cut…

The boy says he doesn’t mean to say that…but it was too late

Tinkuda, my old neighbor shopkeeper, shop was in front of it

He asked why I am shouting, why I am angry

I told him some random guy ordering me to check my behaviour

He smiled because he knows me last two decade.

I told Dilipda I’ll come tomorrow.

My head is now hurting; it is aching…a cigarette cannot control it.

Long ago I was an angry young man…short ill tempered guy…

Once in school had punch a boy on his nose for a disagreement…

But, Rupai you have changed me.

I hear the humming of your voice like buzz of bees

To calm down…to be gentle…all are not gentle-man like me…

If you had loved me then why do you leave me…

I never want to go in relationship but you…I had told you that–

On first time we met…date I never consider that…but, you…you showed me–

Love is beautiful & relationship out of it is bliss…

If you had loved me, for a moment, thanks to you for making a beast to prince–

And then turning the prince into beast again…

Now stop memories it hurts…Rupai go away…go…away…

I am freeing you…now leave me…for  your God sake…



2 responses to “The Brawl at Saloon”

  1. সত্যি রূপাই বলে কেউ আছে নাকি?

    Anyway, you’ve perfectly described the saloon incident, happening at random in different places and later, your personal feelings have given a different look to the poem… Nicely done…


    1. হ‍্যা আছে…
      Thanks… just voiced out my disturbances…


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