Monday Gu(e)st: S II: 8. Man’s Effort in Relationship–Kshitija

Today’s post is a different one. We talk about women empowerment, we talk of the role a woman plays in a relationship and so on. But, we never talk of man or boy or guy. Being a boy myself I also never talk of this. And this point catch my eyes and make the post an interesting and shareable one. Written by a girl thinking of the role of a man play in the daily life of a woman. This week guest blogger is a new blogger-friend name Kshitija.


Man’s Effort in Relationship–Kshitija


We always praise a lady/women/girl. Each year we celebrate women’s day, mother’s day, daughter’s day. Either she is working women or a homemaker she is always appreciated by people.

“Oh! It’s not an easy task to handle a kid, husband, in-laws everything”,

“Wow!!  You are really a superwoman, you manage your house, family members and then your work. ” although if she had a house maid for all her daily chores but she is always been appreciated.

These are some normal comments which we always hear. 

But we never think from men’s’ side. If he is married then he might be working for 8-9 hours daily, spending quality time with family, fulfilling their needs, desire. I am so grateful to have such people in my life. My Father. I have seen him working so hard in my young age and he never complain about not getting proper sleep or for our outing demands and one man in my life is my lifetime companion(long distance relationship). He works from morning  9 to 6. But never complains that he is tired from work, want a sleep, or upset from his colleagues. No, never he did this and I am always grateful for his sweet gesture, he is always ready to pamper me, listen to me. 

Sometimes being a girl and always been pampered by everyone and appreciated on social media, the newspaper everywhere when I have seen importance is given to women from a very early age. So it always became a mindset that women work most and have to handle everything. But if we magnify the life of a man then we will realize how difficult it is for men to manage each and every relation and then also they never get appreciated or never they demand anything in return. 

This picture perfectly defines what I am unable to express.

Author Bio:

I still don’t know much of her. So, I’m copying her About:

I write what I feel. I write what I want to express. I write when I feel I should write. I am a simple girl with various thoughts perception values motives goals in my life and having a void corner in my mind/heart/brain/life whatever you folks can make up. 

There is no specific type on which I write. I started to write just to express my feeling. 

Pay a visit to her Blog because there are few more writings of her that will amaze you.


I’m a sort of voracious blog reader–some of you may know that already as I regularly comment on your posts which I like most. So, this Guest Post will be the post which I’ll find need more to read. I’ll ask your permission beforehand. And you’re permitted to do changes and suggest me how to post it before I post it.

If you want your post to be my Guest Post, you can pingback me or left a link to this week Guest Post or you can do both. I’ll definitely read it and if I like the post it will be posted.


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  1. Dieter says:

    Nice written, Kudo on the blog master

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