Serenade & Man-Eater

The rain splashing on southern windows

Muffled but clear from behind the windows

Closed; I listen to it mixed with my fan

Blades rhythm… a whispering sound it is.

I sigh…I smile… a barreness forming inside

I press it…I gagged it with Mozart…

I strangled it with The Thak Man-Eater…

The rain…the blade…Serenade…the pages…

Quietitude I found–

In the depth of the emptiness of the mid-night.



13 responses to “Serenade & Man-Eater”

  1. Loved the last line the most ❤️

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  2. Fabulous one👏


      1. My pleasure 😊

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          1. I have nominated you for Blue Sky Tag Blog Award again.Congrats 😊


            1. Thank you…will post by weekend…


  3. Wow! Stunning! 😊
    Posted a new work. Hope you like it. 😀

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  4. Well done!


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