The Holiday (Micro Thriller)


The summer sun glistens on the water other day, but, today it’s cloudy. The MET office has predicted, according to Morning News, there’ll be a spell at late noon or early evening.

Joe look around. It’s being long he has been on a journey. He has been accompany with a trainee name Rob. Rob said something, but, he’s not in mood to hear. He sniff the air; it is moist and cold carrying promise of shower.

Rob now growl.

Joe look at him. He is sniffing the air now. Joe take a deep sniff.

Smell of rotten corpse he smell. 

The other Joe’s Stories:

i. Poor Old Joe

ii. When the Devil Sneeze

100 Word Wednesday Week #25 by Bikurgurl

PC Bikurgurl



10 responses to “The Holiday (Micro Thriller)”

  1. Oh my! A twist in the story! I had thought that there would be a row between Joe and Rob, but the discovery of the corpse? Gruesome! Do let us know if the story continues! Thank you for joining with our writing community – I always enjoy your unique story weaving and perspectives 🙂


    1. Joe is my antagonist for the flash fiction…you can read his other stories following the link mentioned…in near future there will be few more…

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      1. I saw the other stories and am happy to hear you are translating them for a ‘full reveal’!

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  2. […] The Holiday (Micro Thriller) – Thoughts of Words […]


  3. 👍👍 Joe series gulo ageo porechi…agerta aro bhalo legechilo…keep writing 👌🏻


  4. Indeed abrupt craving end👍


    1. ☺ thank you for reading…

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  5. Interesting…It ends leaving us craving for more.

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    1. ☺ tried to treat it like short story… an abrupt craving end…

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