The Holiday (Micro Thriller)

The Holiday (Micro Thriller)


The summer sun glistens on the water other day, but, today it’s cloudy. The MET office has predicted, according to Morning News, there’ll be a spell at late noon or early evening.

Joe look around. It’s being long he has been on a journey. He has been accompany with a trainee name Rob. Rob said something, but, he’s not in mood to hear. He sniff the air; it is moist and cold carrying promise of shower.

Rob now growl.

Joe look at him. He is sniffing the air now. Joe take a deep sniff.

Smell of rotten corpse he smell. 

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100 Word Wednesday Week #25 by Bikurgurl

PC Bikurgurl


10 responses to “The Holiday (Micro Thriller)”

  1. Oh my! A twist in the story! I had thought that there would be a row between Joe and Rob, but the discovery of the corpse? Gruesome! Do let us know if the story continues! Thank you for joining with our writing community – I always enjoy your unique story weaving and perspectives 🙂


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