Falling In Love Again!

An Off the Prompt by co-hostess…

The Glitters Of Life

Woah! I’ve made it finally. I am well within the time limit. So Mitra Here I go woohoo! My entry for this fortnight as rains is my favorite topic and I couldn’t miss this one.

The cool breeze brushes my face,

As I stand alone on my balcony,

Holding my cup of hot coffee,

Gazing at the starry sky,

Watching the slow drizzle,

Which mixes with cool breeze and makes my skin wet,

Those chilly droplets of water come in contact with my skin sending waves of vibrations inside me,

My mind is filled with your thoughts as I sip my coffee,

My fingers are wet with sprays of water pouring from the sky,

Your thoughts make me feel good after so long,

But I think the rain and coffee are having their effect on me,

They are making me numb to every pain that you left me with,

I cannot…

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